Not the picture example of motherhood

OK.  I’ll admit that since she danced with and kissed the “saint” in “Like a Prayer”, I haven’t really cared for her or her music. 

Now, she is going the extra mile to offend Christians world-wide during her tour with a moment where a cross clad with mirrors (think disco ball) is lowered from the rafters of the stadium with her hanging there, adorned with a crown of chrystal thorns.

No, I don’t like Madonna.  I find her offensive.  Furthermore, I believe that she seeks opportunities to offend others.

But she is a part of the celebrity culture that chooses the spiritual path of least resistance.  “Seek first the way to do what you want, and your life here will be as pleasant as you can delude yourself into believing.”  There are no consequences to bad behaviors or choices for them, because they believe that this life on Earth is all there is.

 How very sad.

And incorrect.

But today, I wanted to share with you an article I stumbled upon about Madonna.  I had not read much about her trip to Malawi, only that while there, she was horrified by the plight of the orphans and poverty. 

If this link works, you’ll get someone else’s “take” on her trip to Malawi and her choice to adopt a young boy while there…  It’s interesting.  Not too long, so take another minute and read a little more.

I’m not the only one who thinks she is selfish and nuts and out for nothing more than self-promotion.

Hey, Madonna.  You can’t buy your way to Heaven.  But you can fool yourself into not making it there.



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