Deedoo Deedoo Deedoo bang! bang! bang!

Here’s one I began a few days ago.  I no longer remember what else I was going to add to it, so I’m posting it now!  I’m sorry if it just ends abruptly without resolution. 


In his previous life, Mighty Hunter was a residential property claims adjuster for a major insurance company.  He handled all types of losses to homes within the NE quarter of Alabama.  There are probably a few blog posts about that part of his/our life.  During that time, he would do his paperwork in our extra bedroom/office/storage room.  (Clean Sweep, where were you then?)

MH is not known for his saintly patience with electronic or electrical items.  He is a founding member of the “If it doesn’t fit, force it club,” with its required tool being the claw hammer. 

Fax machines gave MH the opportunity to use the tool that is a close second to the hammer.  His hand.  There are times when a hammer is over-kill.


Paper jams, busy signals, out of paper, out of ink.  The things that cause everyone frustration.  Mighty Hunter doesn’t handle that type of frustration very well.


Bang.  Bang.  Bang.  “Stupid piece of junk.  Come on!”


Bang.  Bang.  Bang.

I think that lightning struck our fax machine, causing permanent unrepairable damage, 4 times over 10 years.  Amazing how it didn’t affect anything else in our house in any way, huh?


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