Ebay – your friend and mine

I have yet to try to sell anything on Ebay.  or eBay – whatever!  But I have bought a few things over the last couple of years.  Most of it has been things for Stinkerbell or odds and ends to use at work.

I’ve gotten some great deals on clothes for Stinkerbell.  2 yrs ago I got her the cutest red wool Rothschild’s dress coat with matching hat for $60-ish.  Old Navy overals for under $10.  really great stuff. 

This week, I received this beautiful winter coat for her – direct from eBay for the AMAZINGLY low price of $31.  Except for the white cathair and long hairs all over it – it was in PERECT condition!  Dry-cleaner is taking care of that as we speak/type/read.

wow!  what a deal!

Also, I presented Stinkerbell with her Halloween costume… 

Stinkerbell Possible

She has worn it every night since I gave it to her.  What a total grand slam of a Halloween costume!  Yay, Mommy!

No, I don’t think we’ll all go to hell and take Stinkerbell with us for observing the “clearly satanic” even of Halloween.  Yes, it is a time of all things scary and not very “Christian”.  I really dislike that part of it.  Our little country church has a Fall Festival that allows the kids to wear their costumes, play games, win prizes, eat unhealthy foods, Trunk-or-Treat (they walk from car trunk to car trunk instead of house to house), have a talent show.  It’s a lot of fun.  But Mighty Hunter and I always take Stinkerbell around to her my parents, some aunts and uncles, her great-grandmothers and a select few other places to do her authentic trick or treating.  She knows that the scary things on tv and the costumes are pretend.  She knows Who is in charge of the world and knows about the “big bad guy” that’s out there to try to mess up the Lord’s work.  She knows all this without being afraid of it – and that is MINE and Mighty Hunter’s jobs.  We TRY (unsuccessfully most of the time) to just live our lives by the Book and let that show – even during this Halloween-evil-you’ll-go-to-hell time of year.

Maybe its being a hypocrit.  We’re just trying to be real.

My Halloween costume might not go over so well at our church’s event.  It takes some imagination – not much – but look at the Before…

Marge Simpson overbite belly button

And the After…

Brace yourself – it’s not pretty!  Hide the kiddo’s eyes – it’s just too graphic for them!

My Halloween tattoo/costume

Can you tell that Peanut is resting right under my freckle?  Yup, Peanut’s most comfy in the right half of my hips for now.

Friday the 13th is the day we do our ultrasound and find out if Peanut is a girl (sound the death-knell for Mighty Hunter’s backbone for ETERNITY) or a boy (get the camera ready for a big, proud daddy grin b/c he’ll finally have a male ally in the house!)  I also have to have the dreaded glucose tolerance test that morning – translation:  eat and drink nothing after midnight, pray that I won’t faint from my hypoglycemia, present finger, “big stick”, squish finger till river of blood flows from tiny pin prick, wait and pray for another 20 minutes while NOT eating or drinking, stick another finger, squish it till 2nd river flows, drink large glass of orange juice stashed in purse, receive news that glucose is 2 points higher than acceptable, schedule the even longer and more dreaded glucose test at hospital.

If it weren’t for getting to see Peanut that morning, I’d stay home and LIE about doing the glucose test.

dang hypoglycemia!  dang fasting!  dang “big-stick”-finger squishing-“your glucose is barely too high” OB’s!


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Friday Night Lights and a Flock of Ducks

After school each day last week, Stinkerbell had the distinct pleasure of attending a cheerleading clinic that was run by the high school varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders.  They learned all the cute little, easy cheers.  How to attempt a “toe-touch” jump.  How to jog-in-place/shuffle-step while clapping and saying the cheer.  And the coup de gras of all 5 y-o cheerleader moves…  the proper technique of jumping up and down while squealing and wiggling your fingers over your head.

 Yes, my ears bled.

Stinkerbell with spirit stickc 

She got her very own Spirit Stick to keep “fo-evuh” (a broom-stick cut down to about 12″ and painted and decorated with school colors, etc.)  She got a cool little t-shirt in the school colors and a megaphone (cheerleaders are cruel creatures!!!), a little football and a plastic cup.

Friday night was a home game for the Fort Payne Wildcats.  Before the game, the girls who had attended the cheerleader clinic were invited to cheer on the side-lines and during the victory line (the line of fans through which the team tramples runs through). 

Stinkerbell at 1st gameShe wore her “official” cheerleading outfit that coordinated with the other little girls and looked very nice.  (For $50 it should wash the bugs off my windshield!)  She was very cute.

Stinkerbell had complained of a tummy ache since picking her up from school.  She barely ate any supper. 

Her allergies and asthma have been in overdrive all week thanks to the unholy goldenrod (sure, Bettie, it’s pretty and all, but for the love of Mike, it makes our noses clog up with snot and makes us wheeze and hack!)

We were 10 minutes late.  But Stinkerbell got to cheer.  Mighty Hunter took pictures while I used the video camera, complete with narration about the blinking crossed-out disc that confused me. 

I wore my fancy-schmancy, butch cowboy boots – which looked mahvelous, but are very heavy on my pregnant feet and this causes much difficulty in climbing bleachers when combined with sciatica!  So, I pulled a muscle in my left thigh, because of which I’m still limping today!

Stinkerbell with tummy acheStinkerbell wanted to go to the victory line.  I let her go alone and then remembered the tummy ache issue and decided that a little cheerleader puking on the football field in the middle of a crowd of fans and running, “fired up” high school football players might NOT be a good combination.  So I fetched her, for which she was grateful.

We returned to our seats for a few minutes and decided that I had already gotten the full value of the $5 admission I had paid.  So Stinkerbell and I left Mighty Hunter, his dad and brother to drive themselves home whenever they got ready to leave.  (This decision was also assisted by the tummy ache-puking on the bleachers thought.)

As we got in the Pimped-out Mamamobile, I began hearing a very distinct sound coming from Stinkerbell’s seat.  Not a snore, although a nap wouldn’t have been impossible.  Not a cry or a whine.  Not a whistle, like Moreena enjoyed recently.  More like a quack.  Or a flock of ducks quacking.  3 flocks quacking in unison to the William Tell Overture.  Thankfully, it was a loud but otherwise harmless series of quacks.  Many times, her “stinkies” are silent but deadly.  These were the opposite.  Musical animals without scent. 



I prefer the MAWS.

Stinkerbell giggles and says her embarrassed little “excuse me”.  But suddenly begins to feel better, swearing she’ll eat supper if I’d only just buy her a biscuit with butter from Jack’s.  “pweese, I’m soooo hungry.  I’m a poster child for World Vision.  You never give me anything to eat.” 

Well, maybe she didn’t say ALL of that.  But she DID beg and say I didn’t give her any supper.

And it wasn’t true. 


I gave her 2 saltine crackers and 3 ounces of water.

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Pardon this brief interruption as I explain this post a little bit…  I have another blog at another site that has provided less than acceptable service in many ways and am finally had my fill of it.  I had composed the following post and saved it as a draft until I could get my pictures ready to post with it.  I am no longer even able to access my previous posts/drafts list to make any changes. 

So, I’m leaving that blog service effective immediately.

Until I get my blog from there imported, you can learn more about me by visiting me there…  www.augalinfp.blogspot.com

We now return to our regularly scheduled post…

The best ride at WDW!

Well, I have tired of using certain recurring terms in my blog to tell tales about my daughter and my husband. DD and DH have been their names, respectively.

blah blah blah


So, I have decided to re-name them here, using nicknames that I use for them at home.

WDW and chocolate, a lethal combination!

We’ll begin with DD. At home, we call her twerp, twerp-cicle, monkey, stinker. It is her misfortune that we’ve called her these names since birth, and, therefore, she knows WHOM is being called in the middle of a store or at school when someone says, “hey monkey!” (God love her!)

Her nickname that I will begin using here has a little history behind it. (Don’t worry, not a lot. I won’t ramble very much.)As I grew up, my mom’s nickname for me was Tinkerbell, sometimes shortened to Tink. I don’t know WHY she gave me that particular term as it infers (yo! Villaume!) daintiness, gracefulness, attitude (well, I qualify there at least) and petite size.

On our first trip to Disney World, we were waiting on the monorail to ride over to the Magic Kingdom for breakfast at Cinderella’s Castle with many princesses and to visit with Fairy Godmother. As we waited patiently, DD was prancing around and generally being very, VERY excited about her first day at WDW – the Holy Grail of vacations for kids – I tried to get her attention and ask her to calm down. In a sudden, horrible moment, I turned into my mother and attempted to call DD by the name MY mom had used for me, Tinkerbell. Subconsciously (or unconsciously?), I must have realized that I was about to transform into another person and fudged on my pronunciation of Tinkerbell.


and it stuck. So, occasionally, I’ll call my DD Stinkerbell and she’ll grin, remembering when and where I first called her by that little name.Henceforth, DD will forevermore be known herein as Stinkerbell and is entitled to all benefits and crap that goes along with such an honorable name.

Mad Princess Face from Stinkerbell

Is that the face of one grateful for her new nickname or what! 

Now for DH. There are just so many unfortunate ways to define DH that I really hate to think of. And although I probably have at least considered calling him by one or more of those less-than-loving variations of Dear Husband, I just hate to continue to use DH here for exactly that reason. It makes me think of the terms of endangerment rather than terms of endearment.So, for the history behind DH’s new name, please pull from your catalog of Robert Redford movies, the classic Jeremiah Johnson. One of DH’s favorites – “a good flick” – Jeremiah Johnson is about a mountain man who encounters trials and tribulations of the rugged Rocky
Mountain variety.
He takes a wife who speaks no English – which doesn’t discourage him from talking to her. At some point in the movie, and DH forgive me, but I forget the specifics of the dialogue (monologue?). Anywho.. He is proud of himself for killing an animal for food and clothing and calls himself…“Mighty Hunter”Henceforth, DH will forevermore be known herein as Mighty Hunter (MH) and is entitled to all benefits and crap that goes along with such an honorable name.Mighty Hunter/GolferI dream of being as good as Tin Cup! So, please work with me as we make the transition from DD and DH to Stinkerbell and Mighty Hunter.They’re much more interesting, don’t you think? 

Here’s a new picture of Auburn Family Always…

Auburn Family Always

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Hey there!

I have decided to experiment with word press a little.  I have a blog already going over at blogger.com    http://www.augalinfp.blogspot.com  I’ve had some “issues” with template and format and photo upload and other crapola there.  If I have better luck here, I will try to move my blog to word press permanently.  But for now, I am just going to post and play with templates and see if I like it better over here.

 So far, so good.

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